Midland Pty Ltd are 100% Australian owned and fabricated, specialist truck trailer manufacturers. Our range includes a line of innovative dog trailers that are specifically made for these circumstances. Midland manufactures a collection of 2 axle, 3 axle and 4 axle options within this line, all complete with either step deck or flat deck configuration.

Moreover, our products are created and manufactured to your custom specification in Australia with the highest quality. We profile cut all our own parts in house from steel sourced from within Australia. We back our products with a three-year warranty that offers peace of mind and convenience across the board. Feel peace of mind in knowing your product is protected from all structural issues. We’ve produced our range to provide quality-orientated options that are leaders on the market. Perfected over time, each design adheres to the rigorous standards in Australia, and fulfill customer needs across the board.

We’ve carefully created our range to offer innovative features that tick all boxes. From structural protection through to durable makes and exceptional finishes, we offer the very best dog trailers on the market.
3 Year Warranty – All structural issues are covered by warranty
Sandblasted, Poly Zin Undercoat & Powder Coated Finish – Guaranteed 99.9% Coverage, prevents rusting, will outlast 2 pac paint, large range of colours available.
Fully Fabricated and Integrated Chassis – Prevents cracking
Universal Mounting for Toolbox and Power Pack – Easy to add or change the position of the Tool box and Power pack
Stress Test and Deflection – Midland trailers are designed and engineered to the highest standards utilising the latest analysis software. Every trailer is fully +3D modelled and critical components are stress tested to ensure years of trouble free service.
All of our designs come with the flexibility to meet your specific needs. If you’re not sure where to get started, take a look at the features below. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team for a no-obligation discussion around which option is best for your requirements.
LENGTH: Based on customer requirements in 250mm increments – up to max legal limit.
WIDTH: 2490mm; 2460mm Optional
SUSPENSION: Spring or Airbag
HITCH: Ring Feder; Pintle Eye, Bartlett Ball, Flying Saucer all available
FLOOR: Standard 5mm Chequer, 3mm optional on some models
RAMPS: Fixed or Bi-Fold rear available, Front ramps optional
LIGHTING: All trailers come standard with state of the art wiring harness and multivolt LED lights with intelligent upgrade options available.
FLOOR: Fully sand blasted, poly zinc undercoated and powder coated.
ATM: Up to 33 Tonnes
CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE: 2 Axle Step Deck, 3 Axle Flat Deck, 3 Axle Step Deck, 4 Axle Flat Deck and 4 Axle Step Deck
For more information please download our brochure below
Our Videos
"Best after-sales service I have ever experienced. Worked with me from the beginning to the end of the build and then dealt with a couple of teething issues. Can’t recommend them enough. Trailer is fantastic quality and will pass any test."
Chris Thomas
"Hi gents, just a little catch up to say how well the trailer is working, looks as good as new cheers Ray"
"Rides beautifully mate"
Tim Dean
Central West Earthworks
"This photo shows the markings from tyres with rear axle lifted when you are given directions to a job that turns out to be a dead end road that wasn’t designed for semi trailers to turn around but are too long to back out of.

Luckily my truck and trailer like a challenge, very happy with my Midland Trailer, the photos do not do it justice, many jobs not captured that this trailer has more than excelled at, a great choice that I recommend to anyone who asks!"
Andrew Myers
Transport Hire Solutions
"Midland recently manufactured a trailer for Riverleigh Homes. We caught up with Dean to share his experience.

We went with Midland Trailer mainly because of the quality of the build that they do and I wanted something that would last for many years to come."

Riverleigh Homes
"It’s the best trailer I’ve ever towed, you should be happy with yourselves."
Fulton Hogan
“their build time and quality was excellent”
Russell Jones-RJ Excavations
"I came to Midland because of their Integrated chassis rails and their flexibility."
Ross Woodley RMS
Sydney NSW
"Midland visits Roland Kite of Mime Field services to see what he has to say about his new bogie axle tag trailer."
Roland Kite
Mime Field Services
"Thank you very much guys awesome job. Exactly what I wanted."
Camden, Sydney
“Fantastic trailer”
Kerry wheeler
"Great people to deal with, with a top quality job, would definitely buy another trailer of these guys."
Josh Nixon
"I made the decision to go with Midland because of the quality of finish (fully sandblasted, zinc primed and powder coated) as compared with my previous manufacturer."
Jeff Irvine
Townsville, QLD
"Thanks Ben, Martin and the staff at Midland for another great trailer – lift up axles and ramps at the front – a great company to deal with and very obliging with everything I asked – thanks Midland"
Hamish Ross
"I came back to Midland for my second trailer because of their product back up and support."
Garry Edge
Mackay, QLD
"Dean from Deans Express Delivery collected his new Midland bogie axle pig trailer with a lift up axle and all the bling! Looking good thanks Dean!"
Deans Express Delivery
"My brother in law always wanted a well built and good quality float so he brought a tri tag float through Ben, unfortunately, my brother in law passed away before he could see the float however the service ben has offered us has been unforgettable, he has worked hard to find us another buyer for the float and kept in contact daily he has treated us like a friend and not just a customer, words cannot explain how happy we have been with the service from Ben and the quality of the trailer, I will always recommend these guys in years to come as service like this is very hard to come by. Thanks guys."
Corey Cox
“Great trailer thanks Martin!”
Capital Conceptz
Goulburn NSW
"Midland recently manufactured a trailer for BRK Excavation. We caught up with Ben to share his experience."

BRK Excavation
"Coming from an engineering background I had an idea in mind of the trailer I was after and Midland Industries was the answer. After a friend had a trailer built by Midland Industries I knew the quality of fabrication was exceptional, as were their welding and structural supports, layout and attention to detail. They were willing to work with me to customise the trailer to suit exactly what I needed even down to the smallest details. For a single axle trailer, it tracks exceptionally well behind the truck and I hardly knew it was there on the drive back to Sydney. During the whole process from start to finish, Martin and his staff offered an incredibly professional service. We would not hesitate to build another trailer with Midland Industries and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a standard or custom-built trailer."
Active Industries Services Pty Ltd
“We’ve had cheaper trailers before that have cracked, we don’t have the issue’s with the Midland trailer”
Greg Mexon Excavations