Why a powder coated finish on your trailers?

At Midland Trailers we get asked “why a powder coated finish on your trailers?”

Well we have already written about how we Sandblast and how we under coat, the preparation is key!

We only use the best powders available to create the unique Midland hi-gloss, extremely durable and hard wearing finish, but… the powder is applied via electrostatic spray so it actually wraps the steel, any hidden surface such as deck ribs or the top of the cross members will be covered. These types of areas just simply cannot be reached with a wet spray gun.

The trailer is then placed in an oven and baked again for at least 6 hours to get the steel temperature to 180-210 degrees, this again dries any moisture that may be left in the steel after the undercoat bake so you can ensure your Midland trailer will not rust from the inside out.

The baking process causes the powders to harden way beyond any wet spray finish. Never compromise the finish when you buy a new plant trailer. The extremely hard-wearing finish from the inside out will ensure you maintain your company image for years to come!