Snowy 2.0 Project

Midland is currently constructing 14 x B-Triple trailer sets for the Snowy 2.0 project, these trailers will be used to move the concrete segments from the Cooma facility to the tunnel on the project. The increased payload has dramatically reduced the amount of trips required to  move the 130,500 concrete segments to site.

These trailers have been designed and built to handle some of the roughest terrain and weather conditions in the state, they will be used extensively over the project and complete 14,500 trips to site.

  • 36 tyres per trailer set
  • 9 axles per trailer set
  • Turning circle of 12.6m radius
  • Payload of 63 tonne per set
  • The truck and trailer combination will have a gross weight of 91 tonnes
  • Load restraint will be certified to operate down to minus 20 degrees Celsius

About Midland

Midland Pty Ltd is an Australian owned family business committed to supplying a large range of quality trailers. Midland Trailers are engineered and manufactured to be a benchmark in a globally competitive market.

As specialist manufacturers of trailers, Midland Pty Ltd builds to a standard, not to a price. Our intensive research and experience ensure that you will receive a quality product that has been perfected over time. Producing a quality product is the foundation of our existence and prosperity as a company.

"Rides beautifully mate"
Tim Dean
Central West Earthworks
"Best after-sales service I have ever experienced. Worked with me from the beginning to the end of the build and then dealt with a couple of teething issues. Can’t recommend them enough. Trailer is fantastic quality and will pass any test."
Chris Thomas
"It’s the best trailer I’ve ever towed, you should be happy with yourselves."
Fulton Hogan
"Hi gents, just a little catch up to say how well the trailer is working, looks as good as new cheers Ray"
"Midland recently manufactured a trailer for Riverleigh Homes. We caught up with Dean to share his experience.

We went with Midland Trailer mainly because of the quality of the build that they do and I wanted something that would last for many years to come."

Riverleigh Homes
"This photo shows the markings from tyres with rear axle lifted when you are given directions to a job that turns out to be a dead end road that wasn’t designed for semi trailers to turn around but are too long to back out of.

Luckily my truck and trailer like a challenge, very happy with my Midland Trailer, the photos do not do it justice, many jobs not captured that this trailer has more than excelled at, a great choice that I recommend to anyone who asks!"
Andrew Myers
Transport Hire Solutions