Midland Trailers Poly Zinc Undercoat – How do we undercoat our trailers?

We have spoken about the surface preparation that we do not compromise in our build here at Midland Trailers.

Every surface is then primed using a Dulux product called Zincshield®2.

Zincshield®2 is a zinc rich epoxy based thermosetting powder coating designed to inhibit rust and adhesion loss on ferrous metals. Zincshield® has been designed as an undercoat for powder topcoats such as the Alphatec® range, Duralloy®FPG and Duralloy®. It can also be used as a functional topcoat where appropriate.

This is applied immediately after the trailer is sandblasted to class 2.5, and the topcoat applied immediately after to ensure there is nil moisture uptake of the coating. Mild steel contains less than 0.25% carbon. New mild steel surfaces should be inspected for millscale, rust, sharp edges, burr marks and welding flux, forming or machine oils, salts, chemical contamination or mortar splashes on them, all of which must be removed.

It is applied electrostatically to the trailer to ensure every surface is covered, then is back to a partial cure referred to as a green cure. 3-5 minutes at 120­150°C metal temperature. This process obviously dries the metal from the inside out, and completely seals the trailer ensuring we have no rusting from the inside or under the surface.

The poly zinc undercoat also works as a sacrificial layer increasing the service life. We have listed some other features and benefits from Dulux below.

Ok, what does this mean for me and my trailer?

When you purchase a Midland Trailer, these are the standards we do not compromise, no matter your trailer purchase from a bogie tag to a quad axle deck widener. Our standards do not change when it comes to our highly durable, hi-gloss and extremely hard-wearing finish. You can be assured that your new trailer will have 99.9% surface coverage and your steel would have been heated to dry it out and seal it off completely.

We don’t compromise our build qualities, If this is your second trailer purchase you will know you shouldn’t comprise cost for quality! Contact Midland trailers today to discuss your move to a better quality trailer!